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Blockfolio Signal is the first communication tool built from the ground up specifically for crypto token teams - and it's completely FREE.
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Direct Line to Your Most Active Supporters

Broadcast messages (Signals) directly from your team to anyone holding or watching your token in the Blockfolio app.

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Community Building Made Simple

With the reach of millions of users and none of the noise found on other communication channels, Blockfolio Signal makes it easy to engage your community and ensure they hear important news directly from your team.

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  • High Visibility from Engaged Users

    Signals appear both on your token price page and in users’ new Signal home feeds for maximum visibility.

  • Push Notifications for Important Messages

    Choose to send a push notification for timely and high priority messages to ensure users see it first on Signal.

  • Automatically Grow Your Reach

    New users who add your token to their portfolio or watch your price are automatically opted into receiving Signals from your team.

  • Multi User Posting

    Name and title attribution on each Signal allows multiple members of your team to post updates for their appropriate areas.

Currently used by leading Token Teams from around the world

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