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Blockfolio has joined FTX
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Slack Commands

  • !list
    View a list of coins you are subscribed to
  • !subscribe [ticker]
    Receive Signal updates for a specific coine.g. !subscribe NEO
  • !unsubscribe [ticker]
    Unsubscribe from receiving Signal updates for a coine.g. !unsubscribe NEO
  • !autosubscribe [on/off]
    Automatically subscribe or unsubscribe to all coins
  • !price [ticker]
    View latest pricing for a coine.g. !price BTC, !price BTC ETH ZEC
  • !price [ticker-base]
    View latest pricing for a specific paire.g. !price BTC-USD, !price XMR-BTC
  • !price [ticker-base-exchange]
    View latest pricing for a pair on an exchangee.g. !price ETH-BTC-Binance
  • !help
    Display help message