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Matt Millen, Head of Community

February Updates are out ~ Highlights include a big partnership with & a sneak peek at our upcoming release that helps you collect and verify your life's achievements.
Nick Macario, Co-Founder

Reminder: Proposal 12 is now open for voting ~ Prop 12 concerns the location of your Personally Identifying Information stored for your Dock account, the full summary is here ~ Have a question about the proposal or need help with voting? Our telegram mods are on standby to assist you! ~
Elina Cadouri, Co-Founder

Where to store the Personal Data used by your Dock account is now being voted on. We value our community's feedback, you can help us choose the best solution(s) by reading the summary and voting today!
Elina Cadouri, Co-Founder

Our contracts utilizing Plasma Cash are now open source. For an overview on them head to our blog - Or, to view the actual contracts, see our github -
Nick Macario, Co-Founder

Dock is now available on the Huobi exchange! Effective immediately for both ETH & BTC pairs, our Huobi listing helps make DOCK accessible for more people around the globe.
Elina Cadouri, Co-Founder

Our latest voting proposal is now over. The answer to "Which type of partners should Dock focus on integrating?" was overwhelmingly those in the category of "Job Search Platforms"! 364,958 Dock was used for voting, so thank you to our faithful community! We will have a new voting proposal up soon, stay tuned & hop in telegram if you have any questions.
Nick Macario, Co-Founder

Happy New Year to everyone in the Dock Flock! Our 2018 was a busy one, full of challenges, progress and lots of #BUIDL'ing. For the scoop on what we've been up to and where we're going, check out our Year in Review! ~ Nick
Nick Macario, Co-Founder

New partnership for the New Year! is now an official partner with Dock. For the lowdown on their platform, how to connect your Dock profile with them and other good info, check out our blog... ~ Nick
Matt Millen, Head of Community

Community Alert: Our latest voting proposal is now live! If you are a hodler of Dock, please go to and cast your vote. We are planning for 2019 and need to hear your voice concerning our potential partnerships. This will help us tremendously, and we thank you in advance! ~ Matt
Nick Macario, Co-Founder

Hello Dockers! We are excited to be in the Signal beta. We will be using Signal to keep you informed about developments at Dock; including new features, new partners, and new tech, and community initiatives. That's all for now, and thanks for supporting us! ~ Nick M, Co-Founder