Bob's Repair

Bob's Repair


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Bob's Repair
Bob's Repair
Frideric Prandecki, Co-Founder & CEO

I wanted to thank everyone for being a part of our journey. When we had this vision to create Bob’s Repair, I did not expect for the road to be as long and grindish as it has been. A majority of startups fail and I can easily now understand why. The idea contributes 1% and the rest is persistence, a little luck and most importantly the team. I wanted to let everyone know we are here, we are strong and we are growing. This year we should break $5,000,000 in revenue with a net profit of 15% which is being reinvested into the company. I appreciate all the love and following. We have barely captured the market and the potential of growth is tremendous. This year we turned down over 60% of jobs to ensure we keep the highest quality of workmanship, integrity and transparency. We will be releasing more utility for the BOB token but please stay patient as we ensure the company is stable. A tree with strong roots laughs at storms.