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Alpha Finance Lab
Alpha Finance Lab
Jack Melhorn, Business Development & Marketing

Today, Alpha Finance Lab is joining hands with Immunefi and Armor to create a thorough and active bug bounty program. With rewards of up to $750,000 for critical bugs reported, our bug bounty program will help secure the Alpha Homora protocol. 🔒 Active bug bounty program is one of the security measures we put in place at Alpha Finance Lab in addition to: 1⃣ Multiple audits by top audit firms 2⃣ Continuous external peer reviews 3⃣ Continuous internal reviews 4⃣ Internal monitoring tools Why an active bug bounty program? Incumbent bug bounty programs are typically ‘passive’ = reliant on external security researchers to find bugs in their own time. Alpha believes secure bug bounty programs are ‘active’ = actively approaching a pool of developers and bounty hunters to continuously identify bugs with every new line of code we push out. 🪲 Our official bug bounty program can be found on Immunefi’s platform: Verification of this program can be found in Alpha’s documentation: For more information, see our official blog below: