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Anthony Kaz, AceD Streaming Lead

The vote for the next AceD game has ended! The AceD community has chosen AceD Car Chase as the next addition to AceD Gaming Hub. AceD Poker 2.0 is nearly ready to begin alpha testing. A select few users will be invited to join the alpha testing team to try the game early and help squash bugs. Expect to see a robust app release within a month. Check out our Discord for a sneak peak! To help stay updated on AceD development news check out the new Development Updates section on our Discord. You will be able to see bits and pieces of everything the AceD team is hard at work on. In addition to this, the AceD website will feature progress bars that display nearness to completion of a new feature. Stay in touch with us at Discord: or Twitter:

Maaz Abdul, Project Lead

We are proud to finally be a part of the Blockfolio Signal program. We will use this platform to give you development and team updates, partnership announcements, marketing activities and other important news direct from the AceD CORE team. Read the latest update regarding our wallet update and hard fork here: